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     The following lists the basic charges for CIP wash service. 

                        IMS /CDFA Dairy Wash -  $ 135.00

         Type 2    $ 190.00                Type 2 kosher    $ 200.00

         Type 3    $ 250.00                Type 3 kosher    $ 260.00

         Type 4    $ 250.00                Type 4 kosher    $ 260.00

                         TYPE V (Kosher) $ 290.00

Basic charges apply for commodities of milk, juice, water, vinegar and yeast and include a swab test and plastic seals

Prices higher for oil, egg, and soy products as well as metal cable seals.  Contact us for pricing.

Additional charges may apply if a tanker has heavy retain, the previous product is moldy or spoiled, and/or requires manual cleaning. 

​                                Trailer Washouts

                                    Basic $ 35.00

                                 Caustic scrub $5.00 

                                   Sanitized $5.00
                              Prices higher for heavy debris, pallets, etc. removal
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