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Our Services
Tanks are entered and 

inspected for mold, rust, 

internal damage, baked

or dried on product, etc. 

and receive a pre-rinse 

prior to the CIP wash.

We Offer

IMS/ CDFA Dairy washes

Type 1-5 CIP Washes

Reefer / Trailer Washouts 

Dry Bulk Tanks

Exceptional Customer Service
Additional Services:

Drop Service

Overnight Parking

Drivers room with T.V. and
complimentary coffee & sodas
We are committed to delivering the highest quality service at a fair price.
Chino Valley Truck Wash, Inc.
Recipient of JPA's
Highest Audit 
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
From D.L. Newslow & Associates